When you can't always

protest, cry, and scream

for the injustices you have seen

what you wear matters


"I feel like I have to fit a specific mold of what is expected of me. I am expected to dress a certain way from my gay identity, another from my male identity, and another from my Mexican identity. I keep changing my style and mixing my identities in order to fit all the molds, and at times shifting to fit some sort of identity."


"I'm a native kid tryna get through the neuroscience department and learning about other natives in classes taught by old white it gets weird."


What is something about your identity that conflicts you?

"My ability to express my gender identity/fluidity."


King Vaughnz


"You can be non-binary, 

but still look femme 

as fuck"

Artist's Statement

POC and LGBTQ representation matters. It is actually the reason I am a Media Production major. It drives me to tell the untold story especially because in a way, the stories I tell feel like they are mine too. Growing up I was worried that talking about my heritage and background would make me seem overly political because up until college, no one ever asked about my background or experiences.